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Zsoon has for a long time developed the very first e-bike that is adapted for commercial purposes.The concept consists of the e-bike having a digital platform that gives you as operator the opportunity to sell advertising, experiences and services in a completely unique scope.For this purpose, Zsoon's e-bikes are equipped with an app that breathes user-friendliness.

The app is the hub of the concept wheel and is simple and safe to use.Therefore, we use only the largest onesand most established players. Such as BrainTree, regarding the payment flow, which gives you as operator guaranteed payment and ensures that the end customer receives his ordered service.The app already handles android phones from 4.0 or higher.The final testing of Apple (iOs) has already begun.

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What We Offer

Modern life style

ou can always have an new fresh Bike.when you dont use it someone else do. Forget oil, refreshing its done when you take the bike.

Time cutter

Be in flow avoid que. you never stand still. chill down you will be in time without hurry

cheap transport

Your wallet will love you, and nature will be grateful.

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We will start in Sweden,germany,Denmark,Polen,Czeck. When we are coming to your country depends on the demand and when we have found a suitebalgeneralagent to work with.